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Find below peer-reviewed and other publications that I have authored. If you need access to any of these, please write to me. Happy reading!

Peer-Reviewed (Published)

  • V. Jithin, & A. Watve, Between a Rock and a Hard Place: What Can Turning Rocks Tell Us About Land-use Change Impacts on Animals Living in a Rock Outcrop? Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education and Synthesis Educational Resources, (2024).

  • V., Jithin, M., Rane, A., Watve, V., Giri & R., Naniwadekar, Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Comparing Rock-dwelling Animal Prevalence Across Abandoned Paddy, Orchards, and Rock Outcrops in a Biodiversity Hotspot Global Ecology and Conservation, 46: e02582 (2023).

  • V., Jithin, A., Das, & J.A., Johnson, Understanding the Influence of Check Dam and Season on Habitat Use to Develop Habitat Suitability Criteria for Overwintering Tadpoles of Nanorana spp. River Research and Applications, 38: 1629-1641 (2022).

  • V., Jithin, J.A., Johnson, & A., Das, Influence of Check Dams on the Activity Patterns and Morphometric Traits of Overwintering Tadpoles in the Western Himalaya. Limnologica, 95: 125992 (2022).

  • B., Boruah, V., Deepak, N.G., Patel, V., Jithin, T., Yomcha, & A., Das, A New Species of Green Tree Frog of the Genus Gracixalus (Anura: Rhacophoridae) from the Evergreen Forest of Northeast India. Vertebrate Zoology, 73: 557–574  (2023).

  • P.T., Hanan, P., Anu, K.K., Asmabi, T.C., Sreenath, M.P., Jasil, & V., Jithin, Women’s Career Pathway in Chemical Sciences; a Multi-stage Investigation in Kerala, India. Report submitted to the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. Pp 90.; ISBN: 978-93-5620-171-2. (2022).

  • V., Jithin, & A., Das, Deaths of Overwintering Nanorana spp. Tadpoles Due to Desiccation During Check Dam Maintenance in a western Himalayan Stream, India. Herpetological Bulletin, 162: 23-25 (2022).

  • V., Jithin, S., Kumar, & A., Das, First Record of Interspecific Amplexus between a Himalayan Toad, Duttaphrynus himalayanus (Bufonidae), and a Himalayan Paa Frog, Nanorana vicina (Dicroglossidae), from the Western Himalaya, India. Reptiles & Amphibians, 28: 270–273, (2021).

  • V., Jithin, A., Devarajan, J., Dharmaraj, & M.A., Yathumon, Predation on Asian Common Toad, Duttaphrynus melanostictus (Lütken, 1864) (Anura: Bufonidae), Tadpoles  by a Fish-eating Spider, Nilus sp. (Araneae: Pisauridae). Reptiles & Amphibians, 28: 56-58, (2021).

  • V., Jithin, & A., Das, Nanorana minica: Deformity. Herpetological Review, 53: 473-474, (2022).

Peer-Reviewed (Submitted/ in review)

  • V., Jithin, M., Rane, A., Watve & R., Naniwadekar,, Orchards and Paddy Differentially Impact Rock Outcrop Amphibians: Insights from Community- and Species-level Responses (Submitted - Ecological Applications - Preprint)

  • V. Jithin, K.M.A. Farisa & A. Devarajan, Rooted in the Neighbourhood: Illustrating Selected Place-based Education Initiatives in the Indian Context (In Review – Book Chapter -  Intersections of Environmental and Language Justice, Edinburgh University Press; J. Ennser-Kananen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) et al. Eds.)

  • V., Jithin, & R., Naniwadekar, Effects of abiotic and biotic drivers on tadpoles in seasonal rock pools of Western Ghats rock outcrops, India (In Review - Biotropica - Preprint)

  • V., Jithin, & P.P., Ashiq, Together We Can: Why Collaborative Efforts Matter in Managing Forests and Our Health (In Review - Current Conservation)

Popular Writings

  • J. Nag et al., Scale, Slither, and Hop: A Brief Introduction to Northeast India’s Herpetology HerpClub and Canopy Collective (2024). [Book]

  • Man-made Check Dams Alter Tadpole Growth and Activity TheScienceBreaker 9(2), (2023).

  • P.P., Ashiq & V., Jithin, Forests and Our Health (In Malayalam) Aranyam 43(7):8-13, Kerala Forest & Wildlife Department (KFD), Govt. of Kerala (2023).

  • V., Jithin, P., Afna, & A., Devarajan, Citizen Science in Wildlife Research and Conservation (In Malayalam) Aranyam 43(2):14-19, KFD, Govt. of Kerala (2022).

  • Expedition Reef, 53(3):57. (Media Reviews). The Niche, British Ecological Society, UK (2021-22).

  • Saving Britain’s Islands, 53(1):57. (Media Reviews). The Niche, BES, UK (2021-22).

  • A Dream of Trees, 52(3):64. (Media Reviews). The Niche, BES, UK (2021-22).

  • Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration, 52(2):61. (Media Reviews). The Niche, BES, UK (2021-22).

  • Illustrating Women’s Career Pathway in Chemistry- Insights from Kerala for Future Policies. The Elemental St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai (2021).

  • P.T., Hanan & V., Jithin, Presence of Keralite Women in Chemical Science: Some Findings (In Malayalam) TrueCopy THINK Webzine 86, (2022).

  • V., Jithin & K.M.A., Farisa, A Gecko Tale in the Lockdown, Malabar Trogon 19(3):27-32 (2021).

  • Ecosystem Restoration: Experiences & Challenges (In Malayalam) Aranyam 41(8):24-27 (2021).

  • Exploring the Sahyadri Sky Islands – Meet the Snakes and Lizards! HerpBuzz 7: 9-10 (2023).

  • QFoliage - Students’ Quizzin’ Ecology, Environment, Conservation and Natural History (Edited e-Book) Myristica Ecological Festival Dept. of Botany, Farook College, Kerala (2020).

  • Invoking the Green Spirit of the Youngsters (Success Stories) Official Website of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt. of India (2019).

  • Sada - A Manual for Lateritic Plateau Ecosystems (Malayalam handbook) for Rock Outcrop Network-India & Wildlife Conservation Trust, India (2023).

  • Translated (Malayalam version) The World of Hopfs – A Small Story about Evolution by Jan Heuschele and funded by The European Society for Evolutionary Biology, Netherlands (2022).



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