Women’s Career Pathway in Chemical Sciences; a Multi-stage Investigation in Kerala, India


1. V. Jithin, M.P. Jasil, P. T. Hanan, P. Anu, K. K. Asmabi, T. C. Sreenath (2020). Decoding Women’s Career Pathway in Chemistry; Insights from Kerala, India. Digital Poster. Presented at Royal Society of Chemistry Inclusion and Diversity Forum 2020. [Link]

2. V. Jithin (2021). Illustrating Women’s Career Pathway in Chemistry- Insights from Kerala for Future Policies. The Elemental. The Xavier’s Association of Chemistry, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. [Link]

3. V., Jithin, M.P. Jasil, K. Anaswar, J. Sebastian & A.C. Rahim (2022). Chemicule Mobile Application. Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5937388 [Link]


Archived version of the invited talk ‘Decoding Women’s Career Pathway in Chemistry; Insights from Kerala for Future Policies’ given during the webinar ‘Inclusion: A Cornerstone of Scientific Process’, organized by XAC, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai (April 2021).

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This project is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Cambridge, UK