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A Dream of Trees (Documentary Review)

Read this new documentary review I have written for the autumn issue of 'The Niche', magazine of the British Ecological Society!

'A dream of trees', a powerful documentary tells the story of some restored tropical rainforest fragments and the journey of the people behind.

"A question asked by Venki, a tea estate owner: “So one day we will have Hornbills nesting here?” makes a turn in the story, and what following is a tale of learning, perseverance, and teamwork."

Read the article below:

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Cinematography by Sripad Sridhar, editing by Ben Sarath and the soothing sound design by Aravind Mohanraj makes the documentary outstanding. Divya tells us: “To walk in a forest, that you have helped to grow, is fulfilment beyond words”.

Where to watch: YouTube | A Dream of Trees

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