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A new species of Gracixalus, adds one more amphibian genus to country!

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Highlighting the importance of biological explorations even in well-known protected areas of India, we describe a new species of frog from the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot.

Named Gracixalus patkaiensis, after the Patkai hills range where the type locality of new species lies within the Namdapha Tiger Reserve, the species represents the first report of Gracixalus from India. The ‘Patkai Green Tree Frog’ was discovered during a National Geographic Explorer expedition led by Dr. Abhijit Das from the Wildlife Institute of India.

The discovery of ‘Patkai Green Tree Frog’ is from the Namdapha Tiger reserve of the state Arunachal Pradesh.

We thank the National Geographic Society for the award of National Geographic Explorer Grant and SERB-DST for financial support. Our heartfelt thanks to Shri Aduk Paron (Field Director), Mayur Variya (Biologist) and all the forest staff of Namdapha Tiger reserve for providing logistic support. Special thanks to Shri Milo Taser of APFD for supporting our research. We thank Aphu Yoha Yobin and Santanu Dey for their help during fieldwork and Surya Narayanan during lab work.

Research supported by the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun and Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department.

Read the full publication at:

Boruah B, Deepak V, Patel NG, Jithin V, Yomcha T, Das A (2023) A new species of green tree frog of the genus Gracixalus (Anura: Rhacophoridae) from the evergreen forest of Northeast India. Vertebrate Zoology 73 557–574.

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