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Man-made check dams alter tadpole growth and activity

Happy to share a lay summary 🧾 "break" of our research on the overwintering tadpoles 🐸 and check dams of Himalaya 🏔️.

I hope this 3 minute read ⏱️ will help many of you to understand what I did (❓) as part of my Master's thesis and what were the findings in a nutshell. Thanks to Dr. Kala Kaspar for editing the break nicely.

"TheScienceBreaker team believe that the dialogue between scientists and citizens will promote the public engagement with science and technology. To achieve this, don't hesitate to join the discussion in the comment sections below any published Break."

Happy reading, and shoot your questions!

V. Jithin (2023) Man-made check dams alter tadpole growth and activity. The Science Breaker 9(2).

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