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Saving Britain's Islands (Short Film Review)

A new short film review is out in the spring 2022 issue of 'The Niche'. This is the third review in the series, on the beautiful and thought-provoking film by Joshua Powell, a Zoological Society London (ZSL) PhD student based on his work ‘Island Conservation for an island nation’, funded by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust UK.

"The film grabs our attention to islands, one of the most fragile ecosystems and the issues they are facing. From the reddish sky and blue sea tides, the film carries us to the magnificent greenery of the islands through drone shots that embraces the beauty of these isolated landmasses."

"Once the island regains its greenery and gets rid of the invasive species, biodiversity flourishes and species once were on the brink of extinction thrives. This moment gives us all a ray of hope that political will, funding and support can bring successful conservation."

Read the article here:

Download PDF • 144KB

Where to watch: YouTube | Saving Britain's Islands

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