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Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration (Documentary Review)

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Read this documentary review I have written for the summer issue of 'The Niche', magazine of the British Ecological Society, published today.

"Maxwel Hohn snorkels through the least explored lake for about four years to come up with the stunning visuals of millions of tadpoles moving like a thick black cloth."

Don't miss this beautiful documentary at any cost! :)

Read the article below:

Download PDF • 887KB

The documentary written and edited by Russell Clark calls us to look beyond the charismatic mega-fauna, to understand and conserve the tiny, but inseparable and indicative elements of our fragile, neglected ecosystems. At the end of the documentary, I felt like a tadpole swimming along with the school, taking part in the mesmerizing migration!

Where to watch:

To read The Niche full issue, logon to

To see Maxwel Hohn's other works, logon to


  1. Hohn, Maxwel, and Richard J. Wassersug. "To a belostomatid water bug a toad tadpole’s eye is its Achilles’ heel." Herpetology Notes 14 (2021): 391-394.

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Shrinivas Ayyangar
Shrinivas Ayyangar

Thats incredible documentary!!! Videos are mesmorising😍

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