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'The World of Hopfs' in Malayalam

I am so excited to share the Malayalam version of the wonderful storybook 'The world of Hopfs' written by Jan Heuschele which I've translated recently.

The world of Hopfs is a small story about the basic ingredients for evolution: Variation, Heritability and Selection. It is best read by kids together with their parents, but also by either of them alone. The making of the book was generously supported by the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB).

- read more on the book webpage .

Translations in ten languages including German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, and Serbian are freely available as PDFs. Get your copy now! Read, enjoy and share the bedtime story, Welcome to the world of Hopfs! Do share the story to kids, they will love it!

  • Click here to get the Malayalam version

  • Click here to get the book in other languages

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