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Women in Kerala’s Chemical Science sector face multiple challenges: Study Report

Excited to share the final report of the project 'Women’s Career Pathway in Chemical Sciences; a Multi-stage Investigation in Kerala, India' with you all. This extensive report is based on responses from 262 women studying or working in the field of Chemical science from 99 institutions across Kerala. The broad coverage of the study encompasses women from various socio-economic and educational backgrounds and analyses their career pathways from primary school to the present career stage.

This is an excellent attempt to grapple with the complex causes of gender disparity in the chemical sciences in Kerala, which sets an example and will hopefully spur more and much needed such country-wide studies across all academic disciplines. Gender inequity is an obviously sociological phenomenon, and the fact that this collaboration included social scientists right from the conception stage puts it on a strong footing. The insights that have emerged deserve immediate attention by scientists, policymakers, and also communities and civil society” - Prof. Prajval Shastri

Our team's heartfelt thanks to the Royal Society of Chemistry Inclusion and Diversity Team for their constant support during the entire project duration despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 situation. It’s been two years since we are working on this project, amidst all the challenges given by COVID-19. Without the help of these amazing people, we couldn’t have finished the work (see Acknowledgements).

Here is the final report:

Hanan, P.T., Anu, P., Asmabi, K.K., Sreenath, T.C., Jasil, M.P. & Jithin, V. (2022). Women’s Career Pathway in Chemical Sciences; a Multi-stage Investigation in Kerala, India. Pp 88. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5178906; ISBN: 978-93-5620-171-2

For more details, see the press release (English):

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