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Expedition Reef (Short Film Review)

Read my short film review in the autumn 2022 issue of 'The Niche' featuring 'Expedition Reef' by the California Academy of Sciences. This is the fourth review in the series, on the full-dome planetarium show animation film by Ryan Wyatt.

"Stunning animations showing how corals grow, reproduce, feed, and migrate are highlights of the film. One of such scenes where we can see the growth of the coral community reminds us of the effort and time need to build reefs of centuries old. "

"The film underlines the need of conserving and restoring these ecosystems; showing us how we are dependent on them, and how it is protecting us. This might be one of the best educational films that discuss iconic questions like how rising temperature and ocean acidification is resulting in coral bleaching, and its consequences in a simple and effective manner."

To read The Niche full issue, log on to

Watch a trailer on Youtube:

See below a behind-the-scenes video to know how the crew created these stunning visuals:

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